Our company is led by humble hearts and a lot of passion.

California School Nutrition Association Conference October 2022

Our Story

Superior Foods opened its doors as a school foodservice brokerage in 1992. Shortly after, a partnership between Dave Haynes, Loree Erpelding, and Jim Seright developed based on respect, trust, and a passion for the foodservice industry. It wasn’t long until we were members of the California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington School Nutrition Associations, as well as the National School Nutrition Association. We are a team united by choice and experience, working side-by-side each day striving to provide customer and client solutions while maximizing value throughout each stage of the presentation, menu placement, order, and distribution cycle. Positivity is at the heart of everything we do, and we bring our passion for the industry to each customer interaction.

The Executive Team

Dave Haynes

One of Dave’s greatest passions is landscape photography. From capturing the sunset through Horsetail Falls at Yosemite National Park, to chasing the Virgin River that shapes Zion National Park, Dave will stop at nothing to get the best shot. He has a talent for seeing the beauty and potential in everything, and he finds great joy in striving for growth and change. Dave brings these qualities and aspirations into his work at Superior Foods by helping customers highlight the strengths of their products and using these strengths to drive growth and success in the foodservice industry. Dave takes great joy and pride in helping manufacturers overcome any challenges and maximize their potential. He has seen how manufacturers have grown from start-up operations to becoming leading national brands, and he has had first-hand experience in making this type of growth possible. Even in the face of uncertainty, Dave’s favorite motto is “Just Do It,” because he believes that it is through action and hard work that the greatest obstacles can be overcome.

Loree Erpelding

Loree’s professional experience can best be explained by her tendency to seek new challenges and opportunities in the constant quest for improvement. She believes that the only thing in life that is constant is change, and she welcomes every opportunity to drive change in a positive direction. This has led Loree to thrive in leadership roles in various capacities, including serving as food service director in the Oregon State Capitol Building for eight years, becoming the owner of a restaurant in a small rural community in Oregon and aiding the underserved in various volunteer roles in her local community in California. Loree brings her vast experience and knowledge of logistics and the foodservice industry to Superior Foods to help manufacturers envision and achieve growth by developing a strong market presence. Loree’s favorite quote is “Persistence Knows No Failure,” and this idea is what motivates her to represent manufacturers with tenacity and professionalism. Loree takes great joy and pride in supporting her team at Superior Foods, fostering a sense of community and respect allowing the team to be greater than the sum of its parts, ready to represent and bring success to manufacturers in a competitive market.

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